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Detoxification- Clean the Junk out of YOUR trunk

Written by Dr. Sonja Fung
Amazingly, 6-7 million chemicals are used in today’s industry and laboratories. Even more astounding is the 891 pesticides and herbicides used on the foods we eat. More than 80,000 chemicals can be found in home and personal care products we use every day. Inevitably, our bodies are constantly bombarded with toxins; externally and internally. The toxins we ingest come from the pesticides on our fruits and vegetables, antibiotics and growth hormones from our meats, and heavy metals from seafood and mercury fillings. We also are exposed to pollutants in the air we breathe and water we drink. Internally, our bodies work ceaselessly to quench toxins such as free radicals and oxidized fats and cholesterol. How are we able to survive and even thrive in such harsh conditions?
The body is amazing in what it does to keep us healthy and energized. Our body has a complex detoxification system that constantly works to process and clear out the plethora of tox…