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Healing with Bones

By: Dr. Sonja Fung
As I was mulling over what health topic to write on, I thought, why not talk about one of my favorite subjects, good food. I love good food. When I get a food craving, I will drive a couple hours, even, to get my fix. So when the topic of bone broth popped into my head, I let it slowly simmer on the back burner of my brain.
To me, nothing comes closer to home cooking than a beautifully prepared soup broth. I grew up with bone broths. From my earliest memories, my family would always start dinner with a bowl of some type of broth based soup, usually made from chicken, pork, or beef bones. I was reading an article in Lucky Peach food zine a few months ago about bone marrow and the virtues of bone broth. It reminded me of a paper in the Townsend Letters I had read years ago, in medical school, about the healing properties of bone broth. I finally got a knock in the head as I was sucking down some divine bone marrow at Sense Restaurant a couple weeks ago. Eureka! The…