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Start your school year right with A+ answers.

In preparation for the school year and cold/flu season, what are the best immune building foods? Nutrition is the foundation of health. Make food your medicine, and medicine your food. Generally foods high in vitamin c and antioxidants are great immune boosters. Some of the top immune boosting foods are: kefir, mushrooms, broccoli, fish, chicken, garlic, tumeric, and other kitchen spices.The key is to eat a beautifully colorful meal with lots of veggies and lean meats to balance out your diet. Remember, avoiding or minimizing sugary foods (such as cereals, soda, and snacks) is key to maintaining a strong immune system.Ingesting just 1tsp. of sugar suppresses immune system for the next 3 hours. Here is an example of a healthy and easy meal plan for kids and family: Breakfast: Protein smoothie with handful of frozen berries and kefir. Lunch: An orange. Chopped salmon on salad with red bell peppers and mushrooms. Dinner: Chicken curry with broccoli, pumpkin, onions, and garlic over brown ri…