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Q&A: Men's Health

1) Do males really go through hormonal changes like females do during menopause?
Yes, “male menopause”, also known as andropause, is term for men aging.Andropause is the decrease in the body’s production of male hormones. On average, a man’s testosterone level decreases 1% every year starting at age 40. You, or the man in your life, may be experiencing andropause if you recognize the following symptoms: reduced libido, insomnia, loss of lean muscle mass, impaired memory, erectile dysfunction, mood changes, and the list goes on. The term “grumpy old man” has been popularized for a reason.But there is hope! Men can also have their hormones rebalanced utilizing bio-identical hormone replacement. Testosterone replacement is a common treatment for the symptoms above with profound results by increasing a man’s quality of life.
2) What and when should be in every man’s health calendar?
Men’s health screenings: Testicular cancer screening- self exams every month.Prostate cancer scree…