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Toast to a healthy new year: Your post holiday health cocktail

By Dr. Sonja Fung, ND
Yes, you read it right. A doctor is prescribing a cocktail. Your health cocktail mix: 1 part detox, 1 part vitamins, 1 part nutrition, and 1 part exercise and stress reduction. Just follow the instructions below.
Healthy Steps for the New Year: 
      1)Cleaning up your gut- Time for a detox! Participating in a post holiday 14 day detox program allows your body to rest and recover from the every day stress and toxins we put in our bodies, especially after the holidays!  Detox helps with weight loss, increased energy, eliminating inflammation, normalizing digestive function, improving sleep, and reducing pain, headaches, and other chronic disease symptoms.
2)IV cocktail of vitamin and mineral replenishment for a post holiday jump start. The “Myers Cocktail” is a well known IV nutrient formula which includes concentrated doses of magnesium, B-vitamins, and vitamin C.This vitamin cocktail is the perfect “cellular drink” to help replenish depleted vitamins and mine…