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Q: As I’ve grown older, I’ve started getting muscle cramps. What can I do about them? ~ Peter.
A: Hi Peter, This is a very good question. The lack of minerals such as magnesium and calcium is the most common problem for muscle cramps. Minerals are essential for the function of our muscles as well as thousands of other processes in our body. If you don’t have enough minerals, you find that your muscles recover more slowly after a work out and get more sore and crampy in general.
One of the reasons may be that you aren’t getting enough minerals from the foods you eat. The best sources are from vegetables, especially dark green leafy vegetables. Other great sources are from fruits, nuts and seeds, and beans.
Another important factor is that our digestive function decreases as we age. This means that our body isn’t as efficient in digesting and absorbing the nutrients we obtain from our food. So even if you are eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, you may not be absorbing all of their nu…

What is Naturopathic Medicine?

By: Nicole Ortiz, ND

Less than a year ago, with the help of my business partner, Dr. Sonja Fung, we opened the east valley’s first Naturopathic Medicine Clinic. While many efforts to spread the word and educate people about Naturopathic medicine has ensued, most residents of the valley are still not familiar with exactly what a Naturopathic Doctor can offer them. If you are a person seeking better health through addressing the root causes of your illness and prefer to use more natural methods before drugs, listen up!

Naturopathic medicine has blossomed to new levels of demand as the conventional health care system in the US continues to fail to meet the health needs of our community. As citizens seek medicine that promotes healthy lifestyle and prevention of chronic disease rather than quick temporary fixes, Naturopathic medicine is positioned in the direction medicine will need to be in the future. From its cost effective nature that is rooted in prevention and education, to the sa…