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Killing Me Sweetly- Diabetes and Sugar

Written By: Sonja N. Fung, ND In the United States, there are 23.6 million people diagnosed with diabetes. That is about 8% of our country’s population! Not only that, but over 2 million adolescents (1 in 6 children and young adults) are already pre-diabetic. In 2007, we spent over $174 billion of our health care dollars on diabetes care, with an additional growth of $8 billion each year. To think that 95% of diabetes is completely preventable with moderate diet and lifestyle changes! There are two main types of diabetes that we currently face today; Type I and Type II. Type I diabetes results from your body’s inability to produce insulin, the hormone needed for your body to absorb and utilize glucose from your blood stream. This type of diabetes is typically diagnosed during childhood and thus is formerly known as juvenile or insulin dependent diabetes. Only 5% of diabetes diagnosed is Type I. Type II diabetes comprises the majority of all diagnosed cases of diabetes and in…