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Medical Breakthrough: the first gender specific cardiac test


Modified Citrus Pectin- the Natural Galectin-3 inhibitor

How does cancer spread? All of our cells have a controlled, normal life cycle; a beginning and an end. Inflammation from toxins, viruses and bacteria, or just plain old stress, can cause mutations in normal cell DNA, which can disrupt the cell’s programmed cell death (apoptosis). Without this programmed end, the cell can continue to grow, i.e. forming cancer.It doesn’t stop there. Once the cancer uses up the local resources, it can move and take over other areas. This spreading is called metastasis.
One of the ways that cancer spreads is through inflammatory cell signaling.Galectin-3 found in small amounts in normal cells.If you have an infection, galectin-3 can cause an inflammatory reaction which calls more white blood cells into the area to help fight the infection. However, over-expression of galectin-3, especially on cancer cells, allows them to stick together, invade healthy tissue, and grow by making new blood vessels to take in more nutrients.
What is modified citrus pectin? Pe…