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A Stroke of Prevention

Author: Dr. Sonja Fung Stroke is the third leading killer following heart disease and cancer, in the United States. More than 137,000 people a year die from stroke, according to the American Stroke Association. You probably know of someone or cared for someone who has had a stroke. You must also know how debilitating a stroke can be. The good news: adults over 45 years old are suffering fewer strokes. The bad news: stroke and heart disease are now affecting younger and younger people. A heart-stopping statistic from the CDC of stoke hospitalizations from 1994-2007, show a sharp rise in a very surprising age group: children and adults under 35 years old. Among males aged 15 to 34, the rate surged by nearly 51% and 17% in females. Shockingly, strokes soared 31% in boys aged 5 to 14 and 36% in girls of the same age. Who could even start to imagine a teenage child hospitalized from a stroke. What increases stroke risk? It’s not surprising that the stroke and heart disease trend follows…