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The Power of Hypnosis in Professional Sports and Entertainment

Athletes and entertainers know that their performance is as much of a mind game as it is the final result. Focus, concentration, and the determination to win, originate in the mind. The use of hypnosis in sports and entertainment is more widespread than most people realize.
Sports hypnosis has been used by athletes for years.In the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics, Greg Louganis hit his head on the board when doing a complex dive.With his head gushing blood, he had the wound treated while listened to hypnosis tapes.Greg went on to score a perfect dive and win the gold medal. Tiger Woods’ father hired a hypnotist for Tiger when he was just 13. Tiger uses Self Hypnosis to visualize his game and keep away distractions. Jack Nicklaus openly claims that hypnotherapy and visualization are the sole reason for his improved levels of concentration during play.
The list of entertainers who used hypnosis is equally extensive.Florence Henderson, of the Brady Bunch, Helen Reddy, Bruce Willis, and James Ea…