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What is Wrong With My Shoes?

You were born with perfect feet. When you were born the widest part of your foot was your toes, or forefoot, not the ball of our foot and there was space between your toes. Feet have evolved to be inherently healthy; they are designed to function free of any support or constraints. Unfortunately, modern footwear has evolved to prevent our feet from functioning the way they are intended to.

It is extremely likely that your ailments – bunions, hammer toes, corns, plantar fasciosis (fasciitis), neuromas, shin splints, in-grown toenails, Achilles and other tendonitis’, knee, hip, and back problems, etcetera – would never have developed if it weren’t for those stylish kicks you’re wearing right now. In fact, these issues occur very rarely in cultures where shoes are not worn. Let's take a look at some of the design flaws that are common in footwear:

Toe taperingthe toe box of most shoes forces toes into a triangular shape; this forces our toes into a space much smaller than intended and…